February Workshop Pre + Post Natal Foundations

February Workshop Pre + Post Natal Foundations

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Learn how to optimally breathe and effectively move your body throughout pregnancy to prepare you for labor and birth.


Kate Weston - Pre/Post Natal Certified Personal Trainer

Brittney Urbach - (200RYT & RPYT) Pre/Post Natal Yoga Instructor

Nicole Hopkins - Birth Doula, Photographer, Childbirth Educator

For our February Workshop.

We are so excited to collaborate and bring you education and movement so you can feel confident during pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum.

This workshop will give you knowledge you need to move your body in an effective way during pregnancy that is healthy for you and baby. You will also learn the power of breath work and how to breathe properly. We will start with 20 minutes of pelvic floor strengthening and releasing with Kate and then grab some snacks as Nicole will lead an open discussion on  demonstration about comfort measures, birth positions, and biomechanics for birth. After Brittney will lead us in doing 20 minutes of prenatal yoga.

This workshop is purposely small so that you can get the personalized experience you need.



February 4th



10 Spots

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With Kate, you’ll get customized small-group and individual workout sessions tailored to your abilities and goals. The routines never get stale because Kate is always learning new moves and keeping things exciting!


It’s no secret that working out has a positive effect on mood. Combine a healthy dose of endorphins with Kate’s focus on self-love and whole-person wellness, and you’ll quickly discover just how good taking care of yourself can feel.