2023 Gift Guide

A highly requested gift guide! The past couple of years I have done a lot of small business shopping for Christmas and I love it. The holiday's can bring on a lot of stress and consumption. When you shop small remember you are supporting someones dream. This gift guide has a lot of amazon gift ideas (I am affiliated with amazon so you will be supporting my small business) and then I have a variety of small business products as well. 

These gift guides are a lot of work but they are so fun to do! I hope you enjoy and find something for someone special! 

Thank you for supporting me and my small business!

Dumbbells: The best at home fitness equipment! You can see and feel a big difference in your workouts with just a set of dumbbells. I have been working out at home with Seny for 3 years now doing dumbbell workouts.

Amazon Leggings (Lululemon Dupe):  A favorite amazon legging of mine. They are a great Lululemon dupe for a much cheaper price. 

Foam roller: A great accessory to your at home gym. A foam roller can change your body and correct muscle imbalances.  

Sweatsuit Outfit (Lululemon Dupe): This set looks just like the new Lululemon trouser and sweatshirt! So cute and comfy. (sweatshirt)

Ankle Weights: A perfect addition to your at home gym. You can wear these on your ankles or your wrists.

Water Bottle: Everyone could always use a nice new waterbottle. This one you can lift and drink or it has a straw in it. It is a favorite of mine I use it daily. 

 Vuori Joggers: These are my all time favorite joggers! I wear them all the time and they are so comfortable! You will love these.

Sliders:  A workout with these will leave you sweaty and shaking. I love a good slider workout. A great affordable gift for anyone looking to move their body at home.



Allow Nourish: The best natural bump and face cream! This is my all time favorite! I also use it for my baby and toddlers diaper rash. This has also helped fix my pregnancy acne. It is a one stop wonder. 

Maternity Amazon Leggings: THE BEST MATERNITY LEGGINGS! These are so comfortable and they feel like luxury. They are very affordable and feel very expensive. I live in these.

Bamboo Maternity: These leggings are made with bamboo and they are so soft. Perfect to lounge around the house or dress up with a sweater. 

Magnesium Lotion:  Get a nice restful night of sleep putting a little bit of this on the bottom of your feet. I love this when I am not pregnant and when I am pregnant. I even add a little to my toddlers feet when she is restless.

Maternity Workout Tank: A favorite amazon brand that feels like a luxury brand. Looking for a workout tank or a tank to wear under a sweater this is a perfect staple.  

Pink Salt Lamp: I use this light an hour before bed to help cleanse my bedroom air and use a soft light to promote restful sleep. The best part about this lamp is it is perfect for those newborn wake ups.

 Mama Necklace: Because who doesn't love a mama necklace! 

 Mama and Mini Hats:  So much fun to match your little mini. These are the perfect combo for winter.

Seny Prenatal Bundle: You can buy a gift card online for Seny. These are follow along at home workouts. We have a prenatal program, prenatal yoga, and postpartum strength. If you have already had your kids you can still join there is a variety of programs for moms and the best part is we have a community to hold one another accountable. Going to the gym or a fitness class becomes a luxury when you are a mom. You can get results right at home with Seny. 

Slippers:  Such a cozy gift for winter. Everyone needs a new pair of slippers, but they don't buy them so it makes for the perfect gift.



Red Light : Not only does this help your skin, but it can help with sore muscles, and inflammation. I use this light whenever I feel a cold coming on. It is known to improve your overall apperance (fine lines, age spots, psoriasis, eczema, scars, etc.)

Ice Roller:  I do this every morning while I wait for my morning coffee. It relieves redness, puffiness, inflammation, and it can stimulate microcirculation for fresh bright skin! 

Gua sha: Love this beauty tool. It promotes blood circulation, improves fine lines and wrinkles, and promotes lymphatic drainage.

Non Toxic Self Tanner: I have been using this for years and it is my favorite. It is a clean self tanner and it applies great! Perfect for a little color in the winter time.

Hair Dance : My favorite clean dry shampoo. I have used this for years and I will continue to use it. It is talc, paraen, baking soda, phtalaes, free! 

 Earthley Rejuvenate Serum: This serum was created to smooth fine lines, wrinkles, clear acne, and promote skin repair. It is plant based with high quality oils. 

Earthely Clay Mask:  Clean non toxic face mask. The clay works to draw out impurities and unclog pores while the lavender soothes inflammation and redness. 

 Araza Lip Gloss:  My all time favorite clean beauty lip gloss! It makes your lips feel so smooth and there is no sticky feeling.  Use code: kateweston for a discount! 

Araza Foundation: All in one coconut foundation! This is a clean beauty favorite of mine. It is made with 95% organic skin superfood ingredients and protects you from the sun. This gives you a light coverage and nourishes your skin at the same time. Use code: kateweston for a discount! 


Fish Game: This looks like a fun hands on game. I ordered it for my toddler and I am sure she is going to love it. She loves fishing.

Balance Board: We have this and it is amazing! We got it when she was 1 years old and she had fun climbing on it, using it as a slide, and rocking on it. Now at 2 1/2 she stands on it and we do balance games like throwing a ball in a bucket while she balances. It is endless.

Carhartt Hat: The best baby/ toddler hat. My daughter got one for Christmas at 6 months old and she still wears it at 2 1/2.

Favorite Water Bottle: Our favorite stainless steel water bottle we have two!  Easy for my toddler to operate by herself and keeps her drinks cold. 

Magnetic Tiles: A fun activity to do together or for them to play independently.  

Puffy Sticker Book: The perfect activity for a restaurant, car, or if you just need a minute to breathe. These puffy stickers make it easy for your toddler to peel and stick independently.  

Stamp Set:  Something different. We are use to painting, coloring, and playdough, I thought this stamp set would be a fun switch up.

No Mess Paint With Water: The best way to paint at home in my opinion. 

Toddler Help in the Kitchen: Love including my toddler in the kitchen with me. This is a great set for them to be hands on with you.


Shaded Bloom Coffee:  I am a coffee snob and this is definitely one of my favorites! The best part is it is a small business owned by the coolest family! You can check out their shop downtown Lake Orion or order online. 

Earthley Muscle Ease:  This is always a great gift! Everyone gets sore muscles and this is my favorite clean topical muscle ease. It is combined with magnesium to help relax sore and tight muscles.

Coffee Warmer: This is a great gift no one wants to buy for themselves but everyone could use one. 

Espresso Machine: I mean how can you not want one of these?

Sweatshirt Lululemon Dupe: Another cute Lululemon dupe. Comfy but cute.

Sweatpants Lululemon Dupe: Because you need the set.

Basic Bee Candles: My favorite non toxic candles that is a small business! 

Kindle: Perfect gift to get you started on reading again!

Silk Pillow Case: Great for the hair and your skin.

Silk Scrunchie: Great small gift to add on because we all lose our scrunchies. 

Eye Patches 

Gold Bracelet 

Clean Lip Balm: Makes your lips look glossy and it is clean ingredients. A favorite small business of mine. 

Make Up Brushes: Perfect for ladies on the go. 

Frownies: Check out their reviews. I just bought these for myself and for a few gifts!

Smiley Slippers:  Cute and comfy!

Stacked Bracelets:  I love simple jewelry you can stack.

Lip Gloss Araza: Use code kateweston for a discount



All my favorite "needs" as a mom of a toddler and baby:

My favorite clean soap: Attitude

My favorite clean cleaner I trust: branch basics 

Attitude Laundry: For myself and my kids. 

Amber Necklace:  Reagan wore this necklace from 6 months until now and she has been the best teether! 

Seedlings Baby Wipes: the BEST wipes for you baby. Reagan never got a diaper rash with these and they smell amazing.  

Allow:  All time favorite! This is a small business and it is the best for diaper rash, eczema, face, the list goes on.

Teeth Tamer: Clean ingredients to help you baby during the tough times.

Kyte Baby Pajamas: The best baby pajamas!  

Tush Baby: Help a mom out. She probably doesn't realize how bad she needs this. She needs it to save her body! 


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