Duo/Trio Live Training Session

Duo/Trio Live Training Session

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Unable to afford training sessions? No worries! Training with a friend or family member who has similar goals is a great way to get personalized training and avoid the cost! 


Professional Gym Session: $75/Session

Live training sessions are highly recommended when starting a new fitness plan. Learn the proper way to train for your body and reduce the chance of developing bad habits. 

Ideal for bringing more awareness to each movement, improving mobility and strength, and effectively changing body composition resulting in healthy weight loss.


  • Small group of 2-3 people for personal training to share costs
  • Initial phone consultation to assess goals, previous injuries, and health conditions
  • Functional movement screening to identify muscle imbalances
  • Structured, personalized training plan based on your fitness level, goals, and equipment

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Sessions are offered:

  • In person in Clarkston, Michigan
  • Virtually via FaceTime or Zoom

* Two to three sessions per week are recommended for optimal results. Partner sessions are available if your starting points and goals are aligned.

Does it cost more to train with a friend?

The total cost is the same as one on one personal training. It is divided evenly among the two or three clients.


Do we have to  be at the same fitness level?

It is important that the groups goals align in order for the session to be most effective.


How many times a week should I live train?

It depends on your goals. Kate usually recommends two to three sessions per week for optimal results.


Is there a meal plan included?

Kate does not tell you what to eat. However, Kate will guide and inspire you with her exclusive recipes and ideas with healthy habits to make positive changes and find a balance that works for you.

What equipment do I need?

Live training sessions are customized specifically to you and whatever equipment you already have.

How will we communicate?

By phone, text, email, FaceTime, or within the PT Distinction app—whatever is easiest and most convenient for you.

How long are workouts?

Kate will program and work with you on exercising and corrective exercises/ stretches for your body specifically. Each session is 55–60 minutes.

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Why choose us?


With Kate, you’ll get customized small-group and individual workout sessions tailored to your abilities and goals. The routines never get stale because Kate is always learning new moves and keeping things exciting!


It’s no secret that working out has a positive effect on mood. Combine a healthy dose of endorphins with Kate’s focus on self-love and whole-person wellness, and you’ll quickly discover just how good taking care of yourself can feel.